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I had been fighting to receive a position that was due to me at my job. I was qualified and next in line, yet I was facing much discrimination. It was thing after thing. I went to a glam experience and the woman of God called for a seed of $200 to be sown from whoever was able. She declared into the atmosphere that “This one is for your promotion!” I sowed. 2 days later the position was released to me giving me just about a 25,000 increase in my salary.

Cammille Robinson 

“For the last three year's I’ve assisted the GLAM conference by providing ground transportation for guests. In 2016, I called Prophetess Tiffany and let her know how “burnout” I was with the church I was attending as a new minister. I remember her telling me “TC, take a break, go on vacation because you’re going to Pastor this church one day.” I remember looking at her like she was crazy. There were so many capable and qualified  preachers to take the reigns. Well, effective January 1, 2019, my Bishop under the leading of the holyghost has passed the torch and I will be installed Pastor in March. Thank God for  Prophetess Morriar hearing from God!"

Pastor T.C Cartwright