The Truth About Hidden Figures

Hey guys! This post is my first blog.

I have decided that it is time to speak. The series of conversations that are about to commence (yes conversations! I want to hear your feedback) will be a little different than what many of you that follow me are accustomed to hearing. Usually, my public speaking and writing are centered around biblical teaching and prophetic impartation; however, this blog will be geared towards addressing real-life issues with real-life answers.

When you are trying to survive life, you don't need pseudo responses to diabolical threats against your wellness. You need someone to keep it "a buck" and expose the truth that you are unable to detect. I fully intend to disclose the truth through this blog. The level of realness may anger some, while others may appreciate a fresh take. Either way, I'm beginning this journey. So enter and have some Tea with Tiffany.