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GLAM Empowerment Network Inc. is a Christian women’s organization dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and empowering women from various walks of life. Our founder, Pastor Tiffany Morriar- Wilson, envisioned the concept of this organization in 2009. Having accepted the call to women's ministry in 2008, Pastor Tiffany became privy to the spiritual and socioeconomic barriers that were universally blocking women from successfully walking in their purpose. Being a strong advocate for female liberation, she began her pursuit of female empowerment by empowering one woman at a time through speaking, teaching, counseling and social media.  In 2014, GLAM Empowerment Network Inc. was founded with a small team of two, Atia Spencer and Kayelee Rodriguez. Our first event, The GLAM Empowerment Conference, was held in Philadelphia, PA on July 24th and 25th of 2015. Nearly 300 women from various parts of the world came together for this weekend of liberation, inspiration, beautification and networking. Since then GLAM Empowerment Network Inc. has grown into an annual empowerment conference, bi-monthly prayer and prophetic summit, online boutique and mentorship program. GLAM Empowerment Network Inc. is dedicated to pushing women past their limits and pulling out gifts, talents and ideas that are lying dormant inside of them.

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