Are you looking to discover your purpose? This program will help you gain a full understanding of why you were placed on earth. Become acquainted with the woman you were born to be.


Looking to start your own business? This program will give you insight into how to start your own conference, E commerce boutique and more.


Learn how to balance your life. This program will help you with meal prepping, dieting and avoiding burnout. Take authority over your body.


Are you searching for spiritual growth? This program will give you an understanding of intercession, the prophetic, deliverance and how to create an atmosphere that is conducive for healing and breakthrough

Ceo & Founder

Prophetess Tiffany Morriar

Thank you for your interest in the GLAM Empowerment Mentorship Program. I can assure you that this program is not like anything you have ever experienced before. The GEM program will serve as a guide to unlocking your identity and purpose as a Christian woman and maximizing it. Our focal point is developing and building the overall woman. It is our objective to strengthen the core of who you are so that you can successfully monetize your mind and talents. You will complete this program feeling inspired, empowered and enlightened! Thank you for considering our program.


Our vision for the GEM program is to help develop women from various walks of life into successful and powerful feminine forces that are transformed into agents of change. The founder and CEO of GLAM Empowerment Network Inc., Prophetess Tiffany Morriar, envisioned the concept of this program in 2009. Having received the call to women’s ministry in 2008, Prophetess Morriar became privy to the spiritual and socioeconomic barriers that were universally blocking women from successfully walking in their purpose. Being a strong advocate for female liberation, she began her pursuit of female empowerment by empowering one woman at a time through speaking, teaching, counseling and social media. GLAM Empowerment Network has grown into an annual empowerment conference, bi-monthly prayer and prophetic summits, an online store and now mentoring program. Prophetess Morriar is passionate about pushing women past their limits and pulling out gifts, talents and ideas lying dormant inside of them. She strongly lives by the belief that you must be proactive in your purpose!

The Program

The GLAM Empowerment Mentoring (GEM) Program is a unique mentoring program for Christian women of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds. GEM is a corporate 5-week online course that meets weekly. A typical session features a guided conversation by Prophetess Morriar and occasionally one highly trained guest clinician. Topics will include purpose, entrepreneurship, women’s leadership, relationships, intercession, the prophetic and more. You will receive a syllabus outlining each weekly discussion so that you can prepare accordingly. The group will engage in discussions that are intended to open each woman’s mind to a new way of thinking and living. Each woman will be able to engage and share her input. In addition to the weekly corporate group session, you will have one free private coaching session with Prophetess Morriar. This program will build your spirituality, unleash your entrepreneurial self, and allow you to develop relationships with other powerful women that are advancing the Kingdom of God in their own way. Those that desire private empowerment coaching regularly, should specify during their initial phone interview. In the words of the great philosopher Socrates, “wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Your desire for knowledge is the beginning of your journey to greatness.


The program is offered every January & September. Email for info