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In a society where ideologies range from the extremes of radical feminism and patriarchal supremacy, women can become lost in their search for the understanding of their true purpose and identity. Every day women from various walks of life are plagued with questions surrounding their goals, ambitions and relationship status. Are our roles confined to motherhood and marriage? Were we created to be lawyers, doctors, ministers and entrepreneurs? Should we occupy positions of power? These are the concerns that women silently carry.


Womanology Vol 1. is a book that gives insight into the identity, anatomy and spirituality of women. It explores the social, psychological, and relational struggles that we face on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur, women’s advocate, empowerment coach and founder of the GLAM empowerment network Inc. organization, Tiffany Morriar gives a transparent outlook on these issues by sharing her personal experiences and lessons and applying them to the word of God. She shares the keys to unlocking destiny, embracing quiet strength and femininity, achieving psychological soundness and productively preparing for marriage during seasons of singleness.


This book was written over the course of a five-year journey through traditionalism, feminism and heartbreak. After reaching a place of healing, understanding and healthy balance, Morriar created a self-help book to educate, encourage, and empower women to position themselves for marriage, ministry and the market place.

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